My first experience volunteering

In September 2016, following my graduation from the International Baccalaureate, I chose to embark on a few projects. One of these was distance education, and the second was volunteer work. I found Service Civil International Deutschland (SCI Deutschland), and shortly after registering, I found a workcamp that dealt with topics such as the LGBTQA+ community, gender equality and feminism. I signed up, and a few days later was on my way to Barcelona, where I would spend the next two weeks.

The volunteer workcamp in Barcelona was concentrated on bisexual rights awareness, human rights, and women’s rights in particular. We took action in the Spanish/Catalan community, took part in different activities to raise awareness regarding these topics, and importantly, had quite a lot of fun doing it!

This was my very first volunteer experience, and as it went so well, soon after I signed up for more, namely one in Morocco, Uganda, and in The Netherlands.

I invite you to keep on exploring the different posts I wrote about this trip, for example, my first few days in Barcelona.