Volunteering in Barcelona: Week Two

My first volunteer trip was in Barcelona; an amazing first experience! Keep reading to find out more about what happened during the second week of the volunteer camp.

Monday, 19th of September 2016– Day Five

Has it only been five days? It feels like I’ve been here a month. We walk and take the metro to the office, then go to the gothic quarter. Today’s theme is femicides– we learn about statistics regarding murders of women and gender-based violence, a theme that goes hand in hand with a class I’m taking. We start preparing a short speech in our own language to speak out during the next demonstration regarding femicides.

Tuesday, 20th of September 2016– Day Six

We make our way to the office early in the morning. Today’s activity: workshop on the spectrum of LGBT orientations. It’s a day full of confessions, opening up and of new perspectives.

Wednesday, 21th of September 2016– Day Seven

Today’s a big day. Unfortunately, I have to miss the morning activities and work in Costa Café to finish another assignment– it’s a big one. At around 1 PM, I go to the office and meet the others for lunch, later on, we go to the Centre Cultural Albareda, a place for the youth to come and meet others in a safe and welcoming environment. We watch “Laurence Anyways”, a French-Canadian movie about a man exploring his transgenderism– it is eye opening and makes me proud to see a bit of my culture as far as in Spain.

Thursday, 22th of September 2016– Day Eight

Today, we spent the day at the centre. We have a workshop on the importance of teaching children from a young age about child abuse and violence (especially gender-based violence).
Later on, we make some material to give out the next day.

Friday, 23th of September 2016– Day Nine

Today is a big day! We are at the University metro station and are speaking to locals about bisexuality in order to raise awareness regarding the stereotypes often associated with it. Although we face quite a lot of resistance from teenagers, some are open to discussing it.

Saturday, 24th of September 2016– Day Ten

Today there is a huge festival in Barcelona! We are at Las Ramblas watching the parades and all separate to go do some shopping, get some ice cream and then slowly go back home to another night of UNO.

Sunday, 25th of September 2016– Day Eleven

The day is not too productive. I catch up on some work, then at night we go and watch the fireworks. I meet a German friend of mine who lives in Barcelona, and after the fireworks, we all go home.

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