Morocco: Post volunteering

Morocco: Post volunteering

Following two weeks of volunteering, my father, who had just joined me in Rabat, and I, were on our way to Marrakech to visit this part of Morocco. This is a day-to-day diary of the events that occurred during these exciting last few days…
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Sunday, 29th October 2017– Day Sixteen
Today my father and I are leaving for Marrakech where we will spend a few days. We arrive in a nice hotel room, and it is quite a shock to be back in a typical Western environment. I miss my host family. We walk around and enjoy our evening, however, I miss the familiar feeling of Rabat.

Monday, 30th October 2017– Day Seventeen
My father and I spend the day visiting the Medina– the main marketplace which turns out to be extremely overwhelming in comparison to the Medina in Rabat! We walk around a lot, eat some Moroccan sweets and end the night back at the hotel after having eaten what would be our last Tajine.

After being back in the hotel, my dad tells me that he is going back to Fes Sais where he will take a plane back to Bremen, and then will drive to Hamburg on the train. I realise that my plane ticket has the wrong name on it, so in a panic, we book a Ryanair ticket for me from Fes Sais and my dad and I run to the train station to arrive just on time. I’m not looking forward to the 8–hour train ride there!

Tuesday, 21st October 2017– Day Eighteen
At 3 AM, we arrive in Fes Sais and take a taxi to the airport– we are both exhausted. A few hours later we finally pass the gates, embark on the plane and arrive in Bremen. Here we go again, we have an hour and a half of train to do before arriving in Hamburg.

We finally arrive at 2 PM and both crash at home. Although this has been quite an exhausting trip, it was well worth it! Eighteen days later, I am back home with numerous amazing experiences that I will remember for life.