Morocco: Pre-departure

Thursday, 12th October 2017

Today I flew flying to London, where I’ll say a few days before I then fly to Rabat for two weeks.
I arrived at Stansted Airport, make my way to King’s Cross slowly, and arrive (too early) at my hostel, “SOHostel”. I arrive at 9 AM, having five hours to kill before I can finally check in. Considering I woke up at 3 am to arrive at the airport on time, I’m slightly beat once the clock hits 2 PM.

Later on, I am meeting with an old friend of mine I haven’t seen in a few years. We meet in Covent Garden. I think I’m slowly falling in love with London.

Friday, 13th October 2017

Today I decided to walk around the city and find out more about it. Beforehand, however, I have an online midterm to complete. It takes me a good three hours (!) to finish, and finally, I’m on my way to walk around London and enjoy the city. Later on, I’ll be meeting a friend of mine from high school for dinner, so that leaves me quite a bit of time. I visit a Canadian exhibition and am surprised to find the work of French Canadian artists, it’s like a bit of home away from home.

After a few hours of walking around and walking past King’s College London (ok, slightly in awe), I find a coffee shop and sit down for a few hours to get some assignments done for my university courses.

Soon enough it’s 6 PM and I’m meeting my friend for dinner. We chat and enjoy the time together, reminisce and remember the “good old times” that were our high school years.
It’s getting late, and we both our own ways home.

Tomorrow is the big day!

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