I'm back in Morocco!

I’m back in Morocco!

The first time I came to Morocco, I was shocked to see something drastically different from anything I had ever seen before. From living with a host family for the first time to encountering women that had had very poor access to education, it was a reality check– I am very privileged. I realised, for the first time in my life, that some of the problems I saw as humongous in my life are really quite trivial in comparison to those faced by the women I taught every day. I was nervous and worried to walk through Rabat because of the incessant street harassment and didn’t know how to deal with it.


Coming back to Rabat in 2019, now being 20 years old and having seen quite a bit more of the world, I see this city from a whole new perspective. I was happy to see my host family again and found ways to feel more comfortable on the street.


I have been in Morocco for three weeks now, and I feel as if I’ve been here for three months. I feel much more at ease, do not get scared when walking through the medina anymore, and have befriended many of the locals in my area. I’ve adapted quite quickly and now look forward to the next 5 weeks I will be spending here.


Now, why in the world am I back, you wonder? After the London mess (which you can read about here), I decided to get back on my feet and to find something exciting to do in 2019. Having spent two months in Athens at the end of 2018, I decided to leave Europe for a bit. I am working as an intern for the Mayshad Foundation, and so far, I love it. The team brings a refreshing perspective to the concept of leadership and aims at empowering the youth and women– two populations I am dedicated to empower as well.

I will be in Morocco until the 24th of March. Meanwhile, I will be finishing my studies with Laurentian University and will continue to run this website as well as CoachCoralie, my online business. Stay tuned for more posts about my work, the conferences I will be attending, and other general activities I’m taking part in while I’m here!