About me

Born in Sherbrooke, Canada, Coralie, a German citizen, has been living internationally for the past twelve years. Having completed the International Baccalaureate at the International School of Hamburg in 2016, she went on to study Sociology and Women’s Studies online with Laurentian University. During this time, she volunteered and interned at various NGOs in Greece, Spain, Uganda, Morocco, and the Netherlands.

Coralie’s independent research began in Uganda, investigating the spread of HIV/AIDS, and she has since presented her findings on various topics, including human trafficking and democracy, at multiple conferences. After graduating from Laurentian University, Coralie pursued further studies in International Development at King’s College London. During her time at King’s, she served as the Director of the Global Health Policy Centre at King’s Think Tank. In May 2021, Coralie and her colleagues collaborated to suggest the adoption of policies to enable access to health care, and mental health care specifically, in a published report written in collaboration with FutureHealth. She has also grown increasingly interested in inclusive innovation after having worked as a research assistant to Dr Robyn Klinger-Vidra on a project in this field. Additionally, Coralie collaborated with King’s College London to launch the first-ever student-led conference in Global Affairs.

Living internationally has its challenges, particularly in finding stable employment across different countries. To overcome this, Coralie began working online as a writer and has now written over 900 books and thousands of SEO articles. She also created GhostwriteForMe, a startup platform that has enabled her to fund herself as a digital nomad.

After completing her studies at King’s College London, Coralie went on to pursue a dual Master’s degree in International Development from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Soon embarking on new innovative projects aimed at addressing global challenges, Coralie is eager to continue her work in international development, policy-making, and innovation. Stay tuned for updates on her latest endeavours!