• Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    As I’ve mentioned it in quite a few posts, taking part in conferences is a great way of getting your name out there and getting some exposure. I’ve been accepted to another conference, however as it takes place in Gdansk on March 22nd, I will still be in Morocco at that time.   Luckily, in our day and age, it is possible to send e-versions of presentations, so I’m happy to share that I’ll be e-attending another conference!   This conference is on the topic of trauma and nightmare. As I have done quite a lot of research on the horrible procedure that is Female Genital Mutilation, I decided to apply for this conference to share my thoughts and observations on this topic.   I will be filming the presentation in the coming weeks, so stay tuned as I will be posting it in another blog post!

  • TEDx Event: Why You Should Attend Conferences

    TEDx Event: Why You Should Attend Conferences

    On Saturday, the 2nd of March 2019, I attended the TEDx event “Identifying Identity”. This was my first TED event, and it was really a great one. The range of speakers was quite extensive: Niklas Kebbon (the Swedish ambassador to Morocco), Camélia Meftoul (a young civil engineer), Yassine Motaouakkil (a young professional), Zohreh Tabatabai (a former UN staff member that spoke about the variety of identities, and brought the topic back to the simple notion that we are all human beings), Magdalena Kowalczyk (a former boxer, an actress and generally a really cool person), and Florian Langenscheidt, among many others.   There is always something empowering and inspiring about attending conferences. Not only are you in a room full of people that have accomplished amazing things, but you have the opportunity to go up to each and everyone of them and introduce yourself. This is something that we, young people, need to start doing more. Unfortunately, conferences and networking skills…

  • TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” Event

    TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” Event

    On the 2nd of March 2019, I will be travelling down to Marrakech from Rabat to attend the TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” event. As I am interning in Morocco and am in touch with women coming from a panoply of cultures, I thought this would be a great conference to attend. There will be amazing speakers, such as the Swedish Ambassador Niklas Kebbon, Zoreh Tabatabai who was employed at the UN Headquarters, and Dr Florian Langenscheidt, a dedicated environmental activist.   I have been attending conferences since 2017 to begin networking and to meet various academics and speakers that work and are interested in the same fields as I am. For the other young people out there: look out for conferences near you to begin networking! Conferences are amazing platforms to put your name out there likewise to learn about interesting topics.   Keep posted for a post that outlines how to network successfully!