• Distance Education: How Does it Work?

    Distance Education: How Does it Work?

    Have you ever heard about distance studies? Did this new form of education spark your interest? I have been studying online for the past two and a half years, let me tell you all about it!   How it works   Studying online is as simple as the name: you literally study, but do everything online. The way it works with Laurentian is quite simple: you register for certain courses, log-in to the online studies platform, find the syllabus as well as the required textbooks and coursepacks needed for the course, and are set to go.   Every course is different. In some, you will have only quizzes and a few online discussions, whereas other courses require weekly assignments. For my “Feminist Theories” class, for example, I had weekly worksheets to hand in, which each required a good 4 to 5 hours of work. Meanwhile, my “Explanations of Crime” class requires only 2 discussions and 2 assignments. Nevertheless, the fewer…

  • Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

    Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

    I often get the question “how do you get to travel so much while studying?”. In this post, I will go through a typical day in my life here in Morocco, where I am interning and completing my BA in Sociology.    8 AM: I wake up, hear Khadija (my host mother) preparing the tea and breakfast. I get up quickly, get ready for the day, and make my way to the living room.   8:45 AM: Time to go. Mayshad is just a 15-minute walk from home, so I put on my sunglasses, my earphones, and say hello to our neighbours on my way to work.   9 AM: I arrive at the office. Asma, my colleague, opens up for us and we get started. On today’s agenda: Record one or two of the modules of our online course Meeting about the couscous project in Southern Morocco Phonecall with Nezha regarding the course we are launching in the US…

  • TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” Event

    TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” Event

    On the 2nd of March 2019, I will be travelling down to Marrakech from Rabat to attend the TEDx “We Are the World – Identifying Identity” event. As I am interning in Morocco and am in touch with women coming from a panoply of cultures, I thought this would be a great conference to attend. There will be amazing speakers, such as the Swedish Ambassador Niklas Kebbon, Zoreh Tabatabai who was employed at the UN Headquarters, and Dr Florian Langenscheidt, a dedicated environmental activist.   I have been attending conferences since 2017 to begin networking and to meet various academics and speakers that work and are interested in the same fields as I am. For the other young people out there: look out for conferences near you to begin networking! Conferences are amazing platforms to put your name out there likewise to learn about interesting topics.   Keep posted for a post that outlines how to network successfully!