Mayshad Foundation

The Mayshad Foundation aspires to be the leader in developing youth and women empowerment programs. We are inspired by the fast paced global development of many social issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals and we thrive to allow young men and women to reach their potential.

  • The Last Few Days in Morocco

    My last few days in Morocco were great, but oh, so emotional. Imagine living with the same family for two months, getting used to the routine, the food, the funs and laughs with your ‘brothers’, and meeting a great team of colleagues. Luckily, there is a possibility that I will work remotely for Mayshad, and will be coming back to Morocco in June for the Mayshad festival, thus it’s only a short-term goodbye. As I said to my friend Eugenie, who left about a month before me, la meilleure façon de partir, c’est quand tu sais que tu vas revenir. (“The best way to leave, is knowing that you will come back”.) Now, without further ado, here is an account of my last days in Morroco. Friday 22nd March Today was my last day at work. It was an emotional one. It’s crazy how close you can grow to others in such a short period of time! The skills I…

  • Another Weekend in Marrakech

    Another Weekend in Marrakech

    My father flew to Marrakech on the 17th on February for his break. Being so close (Rabat is only a 3.5-hour train ride away), I decided to join him the following weekend. After spending Friday walking around Rabat, eating breakfast at Bert’s Café, and drinking too many coffees in a short amount of time, we went home to spend some time with the family. We left Rabat at around 4 PM and headed towards Marrakech.   First arriving in Marrakech at around 8 PM, we got ourselves a bottle of wine from the lobby and sat on our huge balcony (that had no furniture… Novotel, what were you thinking?). We began reminiscing the year before when we met in Marrakech during my two-week volunteering trip, the first one that I had ever done outside of Europe. Oh, how things have changed since then! Taking Friday night to relax, we went to sleep early to have a good time the next…

  • Tips for Female Travellers in Morocco

    Tips for Female Travellers in Morocco

    Are you thinking of coming to Morocco? You’ve heard about the recent tragedy and are questioning if you really should come? Are you coming alone, as a woman, and are worried about it? Let me give you a few tips I’ve developed over the past few years.   Sunglasses and earphones are your best friend. Let’s face it, tourists are often easy to spot. As a woman (who does not look Moroccan whatsoever), catcalling and street harassment occur on a daily basis. The first time I came here, I was so shocked by it that I resorted to staying in my accommodation and only leaving when I really had to. What a boring way to visit a country! The second time around, I knew this in advance. I, therefore, bought a good pair of sunglasses, brought my earphones with me (discreet, Bluetooth ones are great so you don’t have to worry about your phone being ripped away), and immediately felt…