• How to Manage Projects Efficiently

    How to: Manage Projects Efficiently

    I am currently sitting in the restaurant of the IBIS Hotel in Marrakech, where I have come to meet the president of the Mayshad Foundation, Nezha Alaoui, and to meet my father who’s arriving tomorrow. Meeting Nezha was quite spontaneous, as it was organised only a few days before each of our arrivals. She usually resides in New York and tends to travel around quite a lot for Mayshad-related affairs. It just so happened that I was travelling down to Marrakech that very weekend.   Anyways, this post is not about the meeting, but it is about something we discussed today: constantly multitasking, and managing various projects simultaneously. See, today I realised that Nezha and I are quite similar in this way; we both are fueled by productivity, we need to have multiple things to do, multiple projects to be in charge of, to thrive. On my part, this is why I started this blog and the business; studying online…

  • A Night Out in Rabat

    A Night Out in Rabat

    It’s 7:30 PM, I’m walking home from a study session. It’s Friday! I came to work today although it’s technically my day off, as there was a lot of work left to be done. It’s been a long, strenuous day (and week!) and I can’t wait to drop my bag, drink some tea with the family, and relax.   I arrive to find Saad (14), Yassir (15) and Mohammed (24) all sitting in the living room watching some skateboarding videos. Mohammed tells me about this Moroccan concert taking place tonight in the Renaissance café/cinema, just a 20-minute walk from here. It’ll be nice to get my head out of the work-study mindset for an evening, so we get ready and get going.   Eugénie, our French friend, joins us as we arrive at the event. We arrived late so there are only a few places left to sit on the floor– right at the front. Not really knowing what to…

  • Distance Education: How Does it Work?

    Distance Education: How Does it Work?

    Have you ever heard about distance studies? Did this new form of education spark your interest? I have been studying online for the past two and a half years, let me tell you all about it!   How it works   Studying online is as simple as the name: you literally study, but do everything online. The way it works with Laurentian is quite simple: you register for certain courses, log-in to the online studies platform, find the syllabus as well as the required textbooks and coursepacks needed for the course, and are set to go.   Every course is different. In some, you will have only quizzes and a few online discussions, whereas other courses require weekly assignments. For my “Feminist Theories” class, for example, I had weekly worksheets to hand in, which each required a good 4 to 5 hours of work. Meanwhile, my “Explanations of Crime” class requires only 2 discussions and 2 assignments. Nevertheless, the fewer…