• TEDx Event: Why You Should Attend Conferences

    TEDx Event: Why You Should Attend Conferences

    On Saturday, the 2nd of March 2019, I attended the TEDx event “Identifying Identity”. This was my first TED event, and it was really a great one. The range of speakers was quite extensive: Niklas Kebbon (the Swedish ambassador to Morocco), Camélia Meftoul (a young civil engineer), Yassine Motaouakkil (a young professional), Zohreh Tabatabai (a former UN staff member that spoke about the variety of identities, and brought the topic back to the simple notion that we are all human beings), Magdalena Kowalczyk (a former boxer, an actress and generally a really cool person), and Florian Langenscheidt, among many others.   There is always something empowering and inspiring about attending conferences. Not only are you in a room full of people that have accomplished amazing things, but you have the opportunity to go up to each and everyone of them and introduce yourself. This is something that we, young people, need to start doing more. Unfortunately, conferences and networking skills…

  • Opportunities: Know When to Take Them

    Opportunities: Know When to Take Them

    In October 2018, while studying in my favourite café in Rabat, I met someone I didn’t know would open up new doors for me. As I was working on some sociology-related project, a nice woman called Sarah spoke to me and asked about what I was doing. We talked about my studies, the fact that we both come from Québec (well, she is Moroccan and Canadian,– it’s a complicated story), and she told me about this foundation she works for. She shared that the foundation is always looking for interns, and we exchanged contact details.   A year later, while the London drama was happening, I realised that I would be moving back to Germany soon and would have to figure out what in the world I want to do this year. I think about Sarah, her proposition regarding interning at the foundation and decide to give it a try.   Although at the time I hadn’t really thought much of…

  • Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

    Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

    I often get the question “how do you get to travel so much while studying?”. In this post, I will go through a typical day in my life here in Morocco, where I am interning and completing my BA in Sociology.    8 AM: I wake up, hear Khadija (my host mother) preparing the tea and breakfast. I get up quickly, get ready for the day, and make my way to the living room.   8:45 AM: Time to go. Mayshad is just a 15-minute walk from home, so I put on my sunglasses, my earphones, and say hello to our neighbours on my way to work.   9 AM: I arrive at the office. Asma, my colleague, opens up for us and we get started. On today’s agenda: Record one or two of the modules of our online course Meeting about the couscous project in Southern Morocco Phonecall with Nezha regarding the course we are launching in the US…