• Where should I stay?

    Where should I stay?

    Are you about to embark on a volunteering experience? Do you have the option of living with a host family or finding yourself a room or apartment to share? Making this decision may be challenging, especially if you do not have any experience in that field. Keep on reading to find out how to make your choice, and what the pros and cons of each are. First, your accommodation, as I wrote about it in this post, is very important. In fact, it may determine whether you love or hate your experience! Depending on where you are going, you may have more or fewer choices ahead of you.   Staying with a host family   When I first arrived in Rabat (Morocco), there was something very comforting about knowing that someone was on the other side of the gate waiting for me to arrive, and someone that would bring me to my accommodation. Also, it was great to arrive at…

  • Morocco: Post volunteering

    Morocco: Post volunteering

    Following two weeks of volunteering, my father, who had just joined me in Rabat, and I, were on our way to Marrakech to visit this part of Morocco. This is a day-to-day diary of the events that occurred during these exciting last few days… Read more about the previous weeks here. Sunday, 29th October 2017– Day Sixteen Today my father and I are leaving for Marrakech where we will spend a few days. We arrive in a nice hotel room, and it is quite a shock to be back in a typical Western environment. I miss my host family. We walk around and enjoy our evening, however, I miss the familiar feeling of Rabat. Monday, 30th October 2017– Day Seventeen My father and I spend the day visiting the Medina– the main marketplace which turns out to be extremely overwhelming in comparison to the Medina in Rabat! We walk around a lot, eat some Moroccan sweets and end the night…

  • Morocco: Second week

    Morocco: Second week

    Read my experiences during the second week below. Monday, 23rd October 2017– Day Ten Following the night ride we just had, I stay at home and sleep. At around 10, I leave for the hotel next door to get some work done– I have many assignments due very soon and need to get these done right away. When the clock hits 13 O’ Clock, I am on my way to the school where I teach the women a mixture of colours, greetings and introductory sentences. I also introduce basic verbs they need to describe their products– this is, this costs, and so on. After a long day of studying writing assignments, and volunteering, I go back home where we have tea and dinner all together. Tuesday, 24th October 2017– Day Eleven As it is Tuesday, I am not supposed to teach today. Nevertheless, I go to the session to spend time with the women and am glad I did. The…