• Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    As I’ve mentioned it in quite a few posts, taking part in conferences is a great way of getting your name out there and getting some exposure. I’ve been accepted to another conference, however as it takes place in Gdansk on March 22nd, I will still be in Morocco at that time.   Luckily, in our day and age, it is possible to send e-versions of presentations, so I’m happy to share that I’ll be e-attending another conference!   This conference is on the topic of trauma and nightmare. As I have done quite a lot of research on the horrible procedure that is Female Genital Mutilation, I decided to apply for this conference to share my thoughts and observations on this topic.   I will be filming the presentation in the coming weeks, so stay tuned as I will be posting it in another blog post!

  • Another Weekend in Marrakech

    Another Weekend in Marrakech

    My father flew to Marrakech on the 17th on February for his break. Being so close (Rabat is only a 3.5-hour train ride away), I decided to join him the following weekend. After spending Friday walking around Rabat, eating breakfast at Bert’s Café, and drinking too many coffees in a short amount of time, we went home to spend some time with the family. We left Rabat at around 4 PM and headed towards Marrakech.   First arriving in Marrakech at around 8 PM, we got ourselves a bottle of wine from the lobby and sat on our huge balcony (that had no furniture… Novotel, what were you thinking?). We began reminiscing the year before when we met in Marrakech during my two-week volunteering trip, the first one that I had ever done outside of Europe. Oh, how things have changed since then! Taking Friday night to relax, we went to sleep early to have a good time the next…

  • How to Manage Projects Efficiently

    How to: Manage Projects Efficiently

    I am currently sitting in the restaurant of the IBIS Hotel in Marrakech, where I have come to meet the president of the Mayshad Foundation, Nezha Alaoui, and to meet my father who’s arriving tomorrow. Meeting Nezha was quite spontaneous, as it was organised only a few days before each of our arrivals. She usually resides in New York and tends to travel around quite a lot for Mayshad-related affairs. It just so happened that I was travelling down to Marrakech that very weekend.   Anyways, this post is not about the meeting, but it is about something we discussed today: constantly multitasking, and managing various projects simultaneously. See, today I realised that Nezha and I are quite similar in this way; we both are fueled by productivity, we need to have multiple things to do, multiple projects to be in charge of, to thrive. On my part, this is why I started this blog and the business; studying online…