Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

I often get the question “how do you get to travel so much while studying?”. In this post, I will go through a typical day in my life here in Morocco, where I am interning and completing my BA in Sociology. 


8 AM: I wake up, hear Khadija (my host mother) preparing the tea and breakfast. I get up quickly, get ready for the day, and make my way to the living room.


8:45 AM: Time to go. Mayshad is just a 15-minute walk from home, so I put on my sunglasses, my earphones, and say hello to our neighbours on my way to work.


9 AM: I arrive at the office. Asma, my colleague, opens up for us and we get started. On today’s agenda:

  • Record one or two of the modules of our online course
  • Meeting about the couscous project in Southern Morocco
  • Phonecall with Nezha regarding the course we are launching in the US on leadership
  • Work with Yasmina to recruit more Mayshad Ambassadors*


1 PM: Soon enough, it’s time for lunch. The team and I sit in the kitchen and share everybody’s lunch.


1:30 PM: Back to work. We have another conference call at around 4 PM with Nezha, who’s currently in New York working closely with the US Mayshad team to launch the new course.


3:30 PM: I help out Yasmina, who’s in charge of the MayshadMag, and we brainstorm ways to find new ambassadors.


4:30 PM: Time to go. I make my way to my favourite cafe, located in the Hotel des Oudaias, and settle for a 2 or 3-hour long study session. I have a lot to do for my “World of Work” class, so I get to work quickly.


7 PM: After a successful study period, I’m on my way home to drop off my laptop, change, and head to the gym.


7:30 PM: As I’m just starting to work out again, I decide to go for a full-body routine; cardio, weights, the whole lot.


9 PM: I head home just in time for dinner. I shower quickly and sit down with the kids for some family time. I jam a bit with Mohammed, who plays the guitar, and we eat Khadija’s traditional tajine.


10 PM: It’s been a fun night, but I’ve got some work to do. I get my study papers out, do some readings for my “Adolescent and Society” class, and finish up a discussion post due this Friday.


11:30 PM: Enough for today. I get ready for bed, text my family a bit, and spend the last few minutes on Instagram or Facebook. Too much work isn’t healthy after all!


12 AM: Sleep time. I prepare my study and work documents for tomorrow and get ready to start the routine all over again the next morning.


*The Mayshad Mag is looking for ambassadors! Please contact me for more details.