Studying and Interning: A Day in the Life

Working and Studying in Athens

After spending the past few months in Athens as an online student, I’ve found a few great study and work spots!


As I resided within Exarchia, all coffee spots are found within that area.


PS: Keep in mind that to-go coffees are cheaper than stay-ins. The price on the board might be different from that on your bill, that’s normal!

Banca Café

With amazing staff, great coffee, and no time-limit (let’s be honest, when studying you don’t want to feel the pressure to leave!), Banca café is a must.


Foyer espresso bar

Situated on the side of a very busy street, I was happy surprised when I went upstairs to find a very quiet study space with a big, long table and other smaller tables available. The coffee is amazing (the baristas really put their hearts into their work!) and affordable.

Foyer Espresso Bar


Of course, Starbucks

This Starbucks is somewhat outside of Exarchia, but it is walking distance. It has many, many tables, of course, free wifi, and is quite spacious. Avoid going on Saturdays, though.



This café is within Exarchia Square, thus avoid going there on days of riots. The coffee is good and the café is quite modern.



A more traditional café/little bar. Go there if you want a glass of wine while writing a few articles for your blog, or generally if you want nice service, affordable prices, however, want something more authentic.