• The Last Few Days in Morocco

    My last few days in Morocco were great, but oh, so emotional. Imagine living with the same family for two months, getting used to the routine, the food, the funs and laughs with your ‘brothers’, and meeting a great team of colleagues. Luckily, there is a possibility that I will work remotely for Mayshad, and will be coming back to Morocco in June for the Mayshad festival, thus it’s only a short-term goodbye. As I said to my friend Eugenie, who left about a month before me, la meilleure façon de partir, c’est quand tu sais que tu vas revenir. (“The best way to leave, is knowing that you will come back”.) Now, without further ado, here is an account of my last days in Morroco. Friday 22nd March Today was my last day at work. It was an emotional one. It’s crazy how close you can grow to others in such a short period of time! The skills I…

  • A To-Do List for Your Upcoming Trip

    This blog is mostly about my personal experiences while volunteering, yet, I have realised that many of my friends want to embark on similar experiences but do not know where to start. So, I’ve decided to start a mini-series called “A Guide to Volunteering” in which I will be sharing my tips on the organisation of a trip, how to plan for it, what to bring, what to expect, and so on.   Without further ado, here is a to-do list that you may want to take a look at before you depart:   First, where are you going? Here are things to research: What is the weather like? What are the cultural customs regarding the dress code? This will most likely change depending on your gender. Will you require a visa, and if yes, what are the processing times? What vaccines will you need? Go on your government’s website and search for the travel advisory section. I suggest the…

  • Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    Trauma and Nightmare Conference – Gdansk 2019

    As I’ve mentioned it in quite a few posts, taking part in conferences is a great way of getting your name out there and getting some exposure. I’ve been accepted to another conference, however as it takes place in Gdansk on March 22nd, I will still be in Morocco at that time.   Luckily, in our day and age, it is possible to send e-versions of presentations, so I’m happy to share that I’ll be e-attending another conference!   This conference is on the topic of trauma and nightmare. As I have done quite a lot of research on the horrible procedure that is Female Genital Mutilation, I decided to apply for this conference to share my thoughts and observations on this topic.   I will be filming the presentation in the coming weeks, so stay tuned as I will be posting it in another blog post!